Traditional Sponge
I use a recipe that has been passed down through 3 generations and as a child I fondly remember eating this cake at Nanna's and Grandpa's house when I went there for Saturday afternoon tea. The sponge is lighter and moister than a traditional maderia cake and I am regularly complemented on how lovely it tastes. It can be filled with ganache or butter cream, or for extra flavour, jam can be added as well (raspberry is always my favourite). 

Funfetti Cake - New for 2021
Enjoy the lovely flavour of traditional sponge but with a colourful twist. My funfetti cake has a bundle of rainbow funfetti mixed into the batter to give it a pretty and fun rainbow interior. For a little texture and extra crunch, the rainbow funfetti is also added to the butter icing and you can have it with or without Jam.

Rich Fruit Cake (Externally Sourced)
I do not make my own fruit cakes at present. Instead, I use cakes made by a company based in Oldham with over 20 years experience in making rich fruit cakes. They supply cakes to the sugarcraft trade across the country and everyone who has had one of these cakes has commented on how delicious they are, some have even gone as far as saying that they are the best fruit cakes they've tasted!

Rich Fruit Cake (Made by me)
As the Fruit cakes above no longer contain alcohol, due to a change of company ownership. I've started making my own fruit cakes. Made with loads of boozy brandy, sherry and cherry brandy and heaps of dried fruit, these cakes will need time to mature, so the longer I have to get them prepared, the better they will cut. Short notice fruit cakes may have a tendency to crumble as they are cut. 

Light Fruit Cake
My light fruit sponge has all the lovely flavours of fruit cake, but in a much lighter sponge than a traditional rich fruit. And because it's a sponge it doesn't need marzipan. One to try if you don't like the idea of a rich fruit and marzipan but still want to celebrate with the traditional fruit flavours.

Chocolate Cake
I make a delicious chocolate cake which is a hit with everyone, young and old and is based on my traditional sponge recipe mixed with Cadbury's chocolate. It can be filled with chocolate ganache or butter cream and as an extra chocolate treat,  I add chopped up chunks of chocolate to the filling.

Red Velvet
Based on a light chocolate cake, red velvet layered with a white chocolate ganache filling looks amazing when it is cut and served. But don't just stick with red, if you have a particular colour theme at your wedding, let me know, and I can see about making your cake to match on the inside as well as the outside.

Chocolate Orange Cake
Mixing the delicious flavour of my chocolate cake with fresh orange juice and zest, creates this hugely popular and slightly more unusual cake. I then give it an extra hit of orange with a double layer of chocolate ganache with chunks of Terry's chocolate orange.

Lemon Cake
Made with fresh lemon juice and zest, this light and refreshing sponge is made even more zesty with layers of lemon curd and white chocolate ganache or butter cream.

Morello Cherry & Chocolate
The chopped morello cherries that I add to this chocolate mix give this cake a wonderful feel of black forest gateau, a dessert often associated with celebrations. With smooth chocolate ganache and a rich cherry preserve this cake is a great way to celebrate any special occasion.

Carrot Cake (optional walnut)
This is a lovely moist cake, filled with tangy lemon curd and white chocolate ganache or butter cream, is perfect if you want something a little different or as an alternative to fruit cake.

Raspberry & Almond Cake
The addition of raspberries enhances the flavour and texture of traditional sponge, giving a sweeter flavour and moister texture. Then add almonds and you have Raspberry Bakewell in a sponge! Another hugely popular choice at weddings, this cake seems to be a particular favourite with the men!

Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake
Instead of adding almonds, some love to make the raspberry treat even more indulgent with the addition of white chocolate. Mixed with layersof white chocolate ganache and raspberry jam, this cake is a lovely treat for any occasion.

Strawberries & Champagne Cake
The perfect summer celebration in a cake - fresh strawberries are mixed into the sponge along with Champagne to give a lovely fresh, summery, celebration cake.

White Chocolate Cake
Another special request from a client, this cake is a real hit with white chocolate lovers. The white chocolate sponge is complemented by 2 layers of white chocolate ganache with white chocolate chunks. A sweet and very lovely cake (always reminds me of vanilla ice-cream).

Lime (or Lemon) and Coconut - New for 2019
A lovely mix of zesty lime/lemon with coconut, creates a refreshing celebration cake. The cake is layered with white chocolate ganache enhanced with either lime or lemon curd to give that extra zesty hit of flavour.

Lemon and Elderflower - New for 2019
A summery alternative to lemon with subtle hints of floral elderflower, layered with lemon and white chocolate ganache.

Elderflower and Champagne - New for 2019
The popularity of Elderflower has increased massively in recent years and this is a lovely floral summer cake which is given the special celebratory treatment with the addition of champagne essence. This cake is layered with white and Elderflower ganache.

Tropical & Coconut Cake
First made for a couple who wanted a cake to remind them of their tropical wedding abroad (and their pina coladas), this cake features flavours of mango, pineapple and passion fruit, mixed with subtle textures and flavours of coconut. This sponge is layered with white chocolate ganache and passion fruit curd for extra tropical punch.

Cherry Cake (with optional coconut)
Another cake that reminds me of traditional afternoon teas, with chopped pieces of glace cherry and additional coconut, not forgetting 2 layers of gloriously indulgent smooth white chocolate ganache and cherry jam.

Salted Caramel Cake
Made with a dark sugar sponge, lashings of white chocolate ganache and salted caramel, this cake is a real treat for salted caramel lovers. Don't think about the calories though - just indulge!!

Biscoff Cake (New for 2021)
Made with a dark sugar sponge and spices to remind you of Biscoff biscuits,  layered with white chocolate ganache, Biscoff paste, this cake is a real treat for Biscoff fans. Very indulgent!

Mint Chocolate Cake
Described by many as an "After Eight in a cake", this minty sponge is a great alternative to after dinner mints. With added chunks of mint Matchmakers in the mint chocolate ganache, what more could you ask for in a mint cake.

Chocolate & Coconut Cake
My husband loves bounty bars so I thought I'd give it a go in a cake and hey presto, my chocolate and coconut cake was created. Lovely moist chocolate cake with coconut, complemented by a layer of chocolate and coconut ganache.

Gluten Alternative Sponge
Coming from a family with members who can't have gluten, I've spent a lot of time perfecting my gluten alternative sponge. This light sponge can be made in a variety of flavours such as lemon, raspberry and chocolate and those who have it often don't realise that they are eating a gluten alternative cake as it tastes so good. Please see my terms and conditions before ordering a gluten alternative sponge for more important information on allergens.

Egg or Dairy Alternative Sponge
I am also able to make cakes without eggs or dairy, which work particularly well in many of the flavours available above. Please see my terms and conditions before ordering an egg or dairy alternative sponge for more important information on allergens.

Your favourite
Many of my most popular flavours were developed as special requests from clients, so don't be afraid to ask, I am always willing to try out something new (and you get to sample it first!).



Simply Sponge
A traditional light sponge mixture, simple but delicious (I tend not to use vanilla essence in these cakes, but if you particularly like vanilla in your cakes, just let me know.)

Chocolate & Chocolate Chips
A deliciously light chocolate cake with chocolate chips added, always a favourite for kids parties.

Chocolate Orange
An orange flavoured sponge complemented with chocolate chips (using chopped up Terry's Chocolate Orange segments - thanks Wendy!).

Raspberry and White Chocolate Chip
A lovely moist cake that's perfect for all tastes. This flavour makes an ideal gift cake if you want to give someone something a bit different, but don't know what they like.  They have been a real hit with everyone who's tried them.

Cherry & Coconut
My husband's favourite, but not for everyones tastes. A moist cake making a delicious treat for cherry & coconut lovers.

Gives a delicate twist to a traditional sponge cake.

Strawberries (and champagne)
For that taste of summer

Light Fruit
With a touch of brandy! excellent for Christmas celebrations of for those who love fruit in their cakes.

Minty Choc
For mint lovers, a delicious mix of mint and choclate chips.

Gluten Alternative
An extremely light and delicate texture that tastes great and means that those of you who can't have gluten don't have to miss out on enjoying a cake. Please see my terms and conditions before ordering a gluten alternative sponge for more information on allergens.

Your favourite
Let me know what your favourite cupcake flavour is and I'll make it for you (I know my friends and family will enjoy the taste testing I have to do on all new cakes I make!)




White chocolate ganache & chocolate ganache - a smooth, luxurious filling ideal for celebration and tiered cakes.

Buttercream -Traditional and a favourite particularly in childrens cakes.

Jam - adding a layer of jam, whether its strawberry, raspberry, bramble jelly or cherry, adds a little something extra to the flavour of the cake.

Lemon and Passion Fruit Curd - a tangy addition to lemon and tropical fruit cakes

Chocolate Chips - a must have addition to all my chocolate cakes, available in white, milk, mint and chocolate orange

A touch of liquer - if you like liquer flavours in your cakes, please let me know as these can often be added in essence form.

Your favourite - if you have a particular filling you love, then just let me know.