Prices, Delivery & Portion Guide

Each new cake I am asked to make is priced on an individual basis and once I've had a chance to talk through the initial brief, I can then prepare a quote detailing the costs. To help give you a guide to prices, please see the following information.

The prices below give a starting price that you could expect to pay for a simple, 4" tall fondant iced celebration cake, set on a board. Please bear in mind that tall cakes, figure modelling, piping/decorative work and sugar flowers may add significantly to the costs shown below. I can supply dummy cakes tiers, prices for which are calculated on an individual basis, allowing you to create a cost effective bigger cake, or if you are having a smaller decorated cake but need more cake to go around all your guests, I also make kitchen/cutting cakes which are a very cost effective way of providing extra portions (prices start at £40).

Please note - Fondant cakes are usually filled with butter icing or ganache and then crumb coated in ganache, as this gives the cake its stability and allows for the crisp, sharp lines and the smooth external finish seen on my cakes. Butter iced cakes also have a ganache filling or at the very least a small cuff of ganache around the fillings to again give the cake stability and prevent compression and unsightly bulges as the butter icing softens at room temperature. If you would prefer an alternative filling and crumb coating under your icing, please let me know. 


Dessert Portion 2x1"

Finger Portion 1x1"


4" round



from £65

5" round



from £75

6" round



from £85

7" round



from £95

8" round



from £105

9" round



from £115

10" round



from £125

11" round



from £135

12" round



from £145


Dessert Portion 2x1"

Finger Portion 1x1"


4" square 8 16 from £75
5" square 12 25 from £85
6" square 18 36 from £95
7" square 24 49 from £105
8" square 32 64 from £115
9" square 40 81 from £125
10" square 50 100 from £135
11" square 60 120 from £145
12" square 72 144 from £155

Naked Cakes - start from £35 / Semi Naked Cakes - start from £40 / Fully Butter Iced Cakes - start from £50 / Fondant Iced Cakes - start from £65 / Fruit Cakes - start from £80  

Cupcakes -  Prices shown below are a guide and may vary depending on the design and decoration of the cakes.
Butter Iced Cupcakes from £4.00 each
Rolled Iced Cupcakes from £4.50 each
Boxes of 4 Cupcakes from £20 each
Boxes of 6 Cupcakes from £28 each
Boxes of 12 Cupcakes from £52 each
Individual Boxed/Bagged Cupcakes from £10 each (discounts available on 6 or more cakes)
Decorated Boards for Cupcakes from £10
Cupcakes Stand Hire £25, plus £50 refundable deposit

Cake Stands - I have a wide range of china and glass pedestal cake stands and perspex cupcake stands available for hire. There is a £10 hire charge (£25 for cupcakes stands) plus a £50 holding deposit which is refundable on the safe return of the stand after the event. Please see terms and conditions for additional information regarding use of stands.

Delivery and Set-Up of Wedding Cakes - Whilst you are more than welcome to collect your wedding cake directly from me and set it up yourself, I appreciate that many of you would prefer that I deliver and set up your cake. If you live within a 10 mile radius of Hockley, there will be no delivery/setup charge. However, if you live outside a 5 mile radius (10 mile return trip), I will need to charge a small delivery and setup fee to cover the cost of fuel and traveling time. I will let you know how much this is when I provide your cake quote. Please see terms and conditions for additional information regarding delivery.

Delivery and Set-up of Celebration Cakes & Cupcakes - Generally, I ask that you collect your celebration cake or cupcakes from me in Hockley. However if this is not possible, I may need to charge a small delivery fee depending on where you live. We can discuss this when you place your order. Please see terms and conditions for additional information regarding collection of cakes.